Top Tip One For Driver Safety: – Mobile Phones And Driving

Young drivers have to be more careful when they use mobile phones while driving, the biggest reason behind this is that younger drivers are overrepresented in road crashes. Young drivers are the ones who are still gaining experience every day, they should not use mobile phone (hand-held/hands-free/ with Apple Car Play or Android Auto) for any function while driving. Smart phones are major source of distraction these days. Top driving school in Melbourne will always teach you the best and safest ways to drive and to score better in a driving test.

Fully licensed drivers can use phones for certain functions but only if their mobile phone is: –

1. Secured in a commercially designed holder fixed to the vehicle.
2. Can be operated by the driver through a car integrated system, without having to touch a phone in any way, shape form or manner.

Using Social Media and Shopping online while driving are totally prohibited.

Some info provided by VicRoads (

Top Tip Two For Driver Safety: – Alcohol and Driving

At top driving school in Melbourne, we take care of your driving habits, we encourage people to drive safely, it not only helps you but also helps other drivers on the road. If your driving habits are good, chances of passing a driving test go up significantly.

Alcohol is one of the major factors in serious road crashes around the world. People who have a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of 0.05 or above end up in detrimental road crashes. We at driving school in Melbourne try our best to instill some of the best driving habits in our students so that they become good drivers and can impress their driving examiner during a driving test.

Some info provided by VicRoads(

Top Tip Three For Driver Safety: – Medicines and Driving

Taking a driving test while on some sort of medication can hamper your chances of passing it. We as one of the best driving school in Melbourne will guide you to read your medicine labels and consult a doctor before you start your driving lesson and very importantly before you take your driving test.

Medicines can cause some problems like: –

1. Drowsiness
2. Aggression
3. Dizziness
4. Nausea
5. Light-headedness
6. Blurred or Double Vision
7. Shakiness

If you feel any of these symptoms you should consider delaying your driving test date.

Some info provided by VicRoads (

Top Tip Four For Driver Safety: – Cannabis and Driving

According to VicRoads ( many medicinal cannabis products contain delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It is an offence in Victoria for a person to drive with any amount of THC in their system, including any amount of THC from medicinal cannabis. Penalties for drug-driving include a mandatory driver license suspension and monetary fines.

It is also an offense to drive a motor vehicle whilst impaired by any substance or prescription medication, including medicinal cannabis. As one of the leading driving schools in Melbourne we take care of all the safety instructions provided by VicRoads ( we adhere the safety rules and all other instructions provided by VicRoads. You will feel safe while you learn to drive with us.

Top Tip Five For Driver Safety: – Illicit Drugs And Driving

As a top driving school in Melbourne, we not only take care of our own driving instructors, we also take good care of our learners. As per VicRoads ( It is illegal to drive, attempt to drive or supervise a learner while affected by drugs. You can not drive while impaired by any drug. These laws apply if you are on private property or public road.

We adhere to all these guidelines, rules, and laws very strictly.

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