Driving School In Deer Park

We serve 23 areas in Melbourne and Deer Park is one of them. If you want to learn how to drive for the very first time you can chose from a wide range of driving lesson packages which start as low as $40. Not only will you get to learn from one of the top-notch driving school in Melbourne, you will get to learn driving on one of the best maintained fleet of cars in the business.

Supervising Drivers And Learners

If you are confused where to start, booking with a driving instructor and watching from the back seat is the best option. At Goyal Driving School we offer that service at very reasonable prices. Sitting in the back and looking at the driving instructor while he controls his car can teach you a lot and it can help you a lot in overcoming many of your fears about your very first drive.

Different Stages Of Driving Lesson

Controlling the car, once you are done watching from the back seat, we will take you to the driver seat and teach you how the basic controls of your car work. You will feel how a car behaves while you give different inputs, don’t worry about making some mistakes in your first go. We will be there with you, correcting every mistake you make. With a vast experience in driver and learner supervision we are committed to providing best driving lessons and driving test deals in Deer Park.

Less Talk and More Practice

The biggest difference that makes Goyal driving School better than other driving schools is that we give you all the information that is important, we do not waste time with unnecessary information. Learning to drive is more about practicing and less about talking. We will teach you how to set up your car, start your car and move slowly, hand brake start on inclines, corner at slow speed, slow down and stop and reverse. With all the necessary info provided by our driving instructor you will quickly gain knowledge and confidence, you will be able to pass your driving test without too many problems.

Come join us at Goyal Driving School in Deer Park and feel the difference!!

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