So, you have learned how to drive a car from the top driving school in Melbourne! But some things which most of the driving school instructors don’t tell you are the most basic but most important ones! How to do some essential preliminary checks before beginning your journey? Irrespective of the journey you are undertaking- Be it a drive to your office and back home or going for a long road trip, you have to make sure to inspect some of the basic checks before you embark on your journey.

We at Goyal Driving School will teach you even the minutest detail related to your driving skill so that every time you drive, you get an enjoyable experience. Here are some of the most important vehicle checks before driving off.

✓ Tyres

It is vital to maintain correct air pressure in your car’s tyres as under pressure tyres wear away quickly and also makes steering and braking harder. Wrong level of inflation also effects fuel efficiency using more fuel per mile travelled. It is of utmost importance to regularly top up air in your car’s tyres so that you don’t have to face a blowout on the road. Also look for tyre treads on regular basis. Tyres wear down over time, thus it is extremely important to check-in for any wear on the treads as the car may slip due to slippery conditions on roads. Make sure to have a spare tyre in good condition-well inflated and with good treads- in case of emergency like flat tyre. Don’t ever think to drive a car with a flat tyre, it is extremely dangerous and unsafe.

✓ Fluids

Checking the car’s fluids like engine oil, power steering fluid, transmission and differential fluids, coolant, brake fluid etc. is not required to be done on daily basis. But it is recommended to check these in every fifteen days or on monthly basis. Right level of these fluids in your car will keep it running smoothly. For the smooth functioning of your car, oil is necessary. Your car cannot run without the right level of oil. Oil level can be checked by simply pulling out the dipstick. Also check the colour of the oil. If its black, get the oil changed. It is essential to get the engine oil changed on regular basis as the overall health of your car depends on it. Similarly, transmission fluid also needs to be checked periodically. Top off all the fluids whenever it is necessary and enjoy a safe, hassle free drive every time you step out of your home.

✓ Lights

A cars lights are one of the most important part and are often overlooked, people do not check the lights periodically. Periodic examination of lights is very important, checking head lights, tail lights, indicator lights is one of the very basic and important things to do. Proper functioning lights can save you from an accident. Lights are necessary for driving during night. Lights are not only helpful for the driver but are helpful for other vehicles on the road, not only do they show you the road ahead, lights alert the oncoming traffic. If you try to turn without indicating you make end up in an accident. Always make sure that all the lights in your vehicle are working at all times.

✓ Brakes

When you drive a car does the brake pedal feel very hard to press or does it feel very loose? If the answer to any of this is yes then you need to get the breaks checked. Without a proper set of working breaks you will not be able to drive your car properly. The chances of your car crashing into something go up by a significant margin. Paying attention to such small details makes you a better driver. As one of the best driving school in the city we are committed to teaching you all these basics, which are of utmost importance.

✓ Suspension

Suspension is something that not only provides you a very comfortable ride, it helps you in controlling your vehicle. If the suspension is too soft then your vehicle will roll a lot in corners and while you take a turn. Too much body roll can make a person nervous while driving and it can cause the car to roll over ending up in a crash. If the suspension is too hard then the ride will not be comfortable at all because you will feel the smallest of the bumps. We at teach you each and every small detail about a vehicle.

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